We’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit this spring and we’ve really enjoyed it! Tim’s job sent him to Corpus Christi at the end of February so we flew there for a few nights. This was my first time to ever fly on an airplane. Yep, first time ever! I was really nervous, I did not like the idea of, you know, being thousands of miles above the earth because if something went wrong, where do you go?! DOWN. Everyone told me, it’s safer than driving and blah, blah…I just had to say, Ok God, I know you got this. Taking off made my stomach flip and I didn’t really want to look outside at first. But, then I took a peak and it was so cool! I really like looking at the land in West Texas from that vantage point. You can see all the different farms and it just reminds me about all the awesome stuff that our community is built upon. I mean, my whole family is in the cotton business somehow so it’s pretty neat to see it from up so high!

It’s silly how much I worried about weird things like the plane splitting in half like on Lost but I didn’t think about how germy the plane would be. YUCK. It’s still not my first choice for travel but it did get us there pretty quickly! The landing was not fun, I never got over that. Each time I thought “This is not natural, you’re going way too fast!” I’m a backseat driver, so why not be a back seat flyer? All in all, we had a great time and I’m glad Tim was there to hold my hand for my first flight. 🙂

Corpus was beautiful! It was cooler than we thought it’d be. The temps were 70ish but the breeze off the gulf really cooled it down and I needed my jacket all the time. We met some nice people also from Lubbock for Tim’s conference and the hotel was pretty nice. I really enjoyed just sitting and staring at the gulf. We just don’t see water like that in West Texas! The sun kept going in and out of clouds and the water would sparkle. I was overwhelmed thinking about the God that made all of this…all this water…stay in one place and look like this and hold so much life…also made me and cares about me deeper than the deepest ocean. I loved having my quiet time out at the bay and was able to marvel at His creation in a different way.


View from our hotel room


Timmy on the T-head

We were able to walk out on one of the T-heads for dinner both nights. It was fantastic! First night we went to Landry’s. Yummy sea-food and wine with friends we made on the plane. The next night we went to Harrison’s Landing. Just a very small shack almost that sits on the marina. Live music, great coconut shrimp and a fantastic sunset! We watched people who owned boats come in and out of the marina and it was so fascinating! I know nothing about boats, but it seems so relaxing to just take your boat out and chill. We saw a couple taking friends out after the sun went down with a huge picnic basket. Looked like a great time!

View from Harrison's Landing

Harrison's Landing

(BTW: all photos were taken on my iPhone 4…pretty good!)

We also went to Kansas the very next weekend. We were pretty exhausted after that trip but we were able to gain three new tax clients while we there! We are very blessed this year.

Now, I’m running around trying to start packing, shopping a little, and trying to decide if I have enough floss to last me for the week because we leave for San Antonio in the morning! I can’t wait! Another work trip, but Tim only has meetings in the morning and the afternoons are free! My aunt, uncle and their three kids are also going and I’m looking forward to spending time with them. We haven’t ever traveled with this side of the family so it’ll be really fun!


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  1. sounds fun! and those pics are great…i need to upgrade my phone!

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