In a loving kind of mood…

Our little family has had some big changes in just the past month. I’ve been too busy to blog! *Gasp* January 31, was my last day at Texas Tech and the National Ranching Heritage Center. There are many things I will miss, some I will not and this decision wasn’t reached easily. When Tim began his position with the United Cotton Growers in November it really had us looking at things differently. This job would be very hard in some aspects but would also be a tremendous blessing.

Tim and I have owned our own business, Bynum Financial Management, for a few years. We are primarily doing bookkeeping and tax work for small business or individuals and have grown a pretty steady client base in the past year. It was just too good of an opportunity to pass up! I’m now staying home, full-time, working on the business and becoming a desperate housewife. 🙂 It’s been such a great decision and while at first I was unsure, I really feel like we jumped in with both feet to do this thing that God was blessing us with. We won’t regret it.

Just a few things that this opportunity has given me: More time with Jesus – I’ve been neglecting this precious time for far too long. I’m currently doing a daily devotional from a study from Beth Moore. It is very good and my prayers are more focused on “what can I do for You?” instead of “what will You do for me?” now. More time with my husband – we can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner together, wherever, with hardly any time constraints! More time with my husband – Again…we are taking more trips this spring and summer and I cannot wait! (And didn’t have to ask for time off!) Also, I can get a client’s taxes done, do laundry and try out a new recipe all in one day and I’m not exhausted by 8 p.m.! I can help out my family if they  need it or just have lunch with them in Levelland any day. There’s really a lot more but these are the biggest things lately.

I’m so excited to see what else happens. The night of my last day at my job, I was depressed. It was ridiculous, but all I could think of was “I’m supposed to be happy!” I was too overwhelmed with wondering what was next and the fact that I didn’t have a job was really weighing on me. It’s very strange, as people would say, in this economy, to be the one resigning from your job. But, Tim helped me see past myself and the Truth is – Jesus knows the future. He knows what’s going to happen. He takes care of us. There’s no need to worry! Once I claimed that Truth, things have been so much better. I don’t have to see all the way down the road, I just have follow.

So, I’m in a loving kind of mood. I’m standing in my kitchen trying to make a cranberry sauce (I know, it’s not Thanksgiving) for a delicious Valentine’s meal for my hubby. Things are good. I have a loving husband, awesome family, great friends and, now, a thriving business. Valentine’s is a great day to take a little time to make sure and tell the people you love that you are glad they are in your life.

I love this photo

Love these guys

Best parents!


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  1. well my friend, I LOVE YOU and i am so thankful you are in my life. truly blessed to call you my friend. 🙂

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