Old and New

Very weird to think that in one day 2010 will be last year. WEIRD!! It feels like we just had Christmas and New Year’s, um, last year. Very strange.

I saw a friend’s post today saying that like every year, 2010 had good times and bad times but we should be making the most of it, no matter what. So bring on 2011! We certainly did have some bad times, but nothing that can break us. We absolutely had so many great times and I look forward to topping those. 🙂

Our little Bynum family had many changes. Our niece, Tessa was born in April. Then, in August, was diagnosed with CMV and possibly a form of cerebral palsy. Would appreciate many many prayers for them as their family has been changed forever by this sweet little girl. We don’t know what’s in store but we know that God chose Darin, Whitney and Parker to be Tessa’s family for a reason and we rejoice in getting to know her!

Tim started a new job almost two months ago. He is now the Financial Manager at the United Cotton Growers Co-op Gin. I am so proud! This was a huge step up for him in his career. Sometimes it just really makes me laugh that I met this boy from Kansas that knew nothing about cotton and now here he is…working with my family and my home town in the cotton business! He is amazing and I thank God for him still. We will be married 4 years this coming June. Wow, that’s more time than we dated. Another weird but wonderful thing!

We also joined Victory Life Baptist Church last April. It has been fantastic and I can honestly say we feel at home. We’re still making friends there and finding places to get plugged in. I have really enjoyed the women’s Bible Study on Tuesday nights. I’m usually the youngest by several years and the only one without children but it’s funny how much I love going and speaking with these ladies! They have great life stories and I found that even though we have a lot of differences, we do go through many of the same emotions and ups and downs in our spiritual life. It’s been a blessing to get to know them. We also love our Life Group, led by George and Cathy. They have been married 27 years and have been great examples for us. They are very real and let us know that it’s hard but worth it!

My family has had many changes with selling the family farm house, selling my parents house and moving, my aunt and uncle buying a new house and getting close to selling theirs’. Whew! But we are very happy with it all and excited for the changes. Pictures of the new house to come!

I have also really enjoyed this little break from work. We loved the 4 days Tim had off (the cotton season has him working 12 hour days, 6 days/week, from October to February or March). It was wonderful and we are already planning another trip to the mountains. I have achieved a lot in our home this week and it feels amazing to stay home and really get things done! I had to do those crazy errands that you just never get to such as buy pot holders, a new lighter for candles/fire place, look for fire place tools, etc… but I got them done, did grocery shopping and have cooked and will be baking some today. I love it! I also got to actually read a little of my monster book (it’s monster size, not about monsters).

This next year we have some things to look forward to. We still need to see Tim’s parents (soon we hope!), maybe visit some other family members. We have friends getting married, friends having babies, planned some vacations and hope to find new ways to be involved at church. I cannot wait to see what God has in store! I did find this past fall that the more you learn about Jesus, the more you want to learn still. It’s amazing and I’m very excited to see what we learn next!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!


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  1. I hope 2011 is an amazing year for the Bynums! We love you guys.Hope you can make it to Tyler soon! 😉

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