(I love love love that musical!)

I am just now catching up on the blog because we have been sick. It’s been pretty snotty around here…gross. But, got a z-pack and we’re doing much better!

A few weekends ago we went to the great neighboring state of Oklahoma to visit family. Two of Tim’s brothers live there and we were able to spend some time with their families. We had a blast!

We went to Waynoka and Alva on Friday to see Tommy, Lacy, Emmy, Libby and Harley. This was about a 6 hour drive, well worth it though! We drove into Waynoka for Harley’s football practice. Lacy, my sis-in-law, and I snuck (sneaked?) away to do a little shopping. Greatest little store ever! Frillz…you gotta go! We had super awesome pizza at Gambino’s that night. Oh and schnicker-doodles!

The next day we got to watch Harley’s flag football team go undefeated for the season! It was a blast!

Go #4!


Harley and Uncle Tim

That afternoon we drove to Yukon to see Darin, Whitney, Parker and Tessa. This was another couple of hours drive through some freaky back-woods Okie towns. But we made it just in time to keep Parker while mommy, daddy and Tessa went to a new small group. We had a lot of fun and Parker totally wore us out! 🙂 Tessa still had some ear problems going on, but we were able to see what a difference her hearing aids have made!

Darin and Tessa

We also got to see Tessa smile a lot. She is a pretty happy little girl and it was awesome to see her improvements. Right now they are working on things like intentional movements such as bringing her hands or feet to her mouth or reaching out for things. One night, Darin was reading a book to her that had animals with fuzzy fur on the pages. She reached her cute little hand out to pet the animals a few times. It was awesome!

Bynum Boys!

Cute babies

Tessa really loved her Uncle Tim. I think he reminds her of her Daddy. She would give him the sweetest smiles. And, big brother, Parker is so sweet and gentle with her. I know God planned this family to be exactly like it is and it’s a blessing to get to see them grow.

We had a great time with family and can’t wait to see them again! Now, I have to go see who wins Project Runway…oh, and this little game in the World Series…


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