West Texas Thunderstorm

Warning: These events took place about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I wrote this blog and then didn’t post it for some reason. I have not changed the “yesterdays” and “todays” in the story, so if you live in Lubbock….no, it did not rain yesterday and you totally missed it.  And, yes, I am dramatic.

Yesterday, we had leeeeetle sudden West Texas thunderstorm. Sometimes I really like storms. It smells fantastic and we can almost always use rain ’round these here parts.

But, sometimes they are down right scary to me! I think it depends on the wind. Tornadoes are one of my worst fears (I guess snakes/spiders/cockroaches/any kind of bug are the others….oh and drowning).

Yesterday was a freaky one. Suddenly, the sky turned super dark, then it started pouring, then it poured harder and then it was hailing! All in about, oh, 5 minutes. A lot of times out here, a storm will hit and subside in 5 minutes. Not this bugger. It may have only lasted 30 minutes but it was crazy! Tim grabbed the car and sat waiting for me to make a mad dash out the door of our office. All the while, our boss is parked nice and snug under the loading dock taking up all the hail-protecting room.  Geeez….

So, I finally get the guts to run to the car. Hail was pelting me and my nice pink toenails, rain drops fell the huge size of marbles and got all over the inside of the car, and my hair….ugh, my hair! I have this thing about my hair. I don’t like it when people mess with it and I don’t like when it’s been fixed and then gets hit with rain. Drat.

Tim decides to just go on driving towards home. Our house is on the opposite side of town and in Lubbock, it might rain on the North side and not on the South, or rain on the West and not the East side. Weird but we’re kinda used to it. So, while driving, the streets are already filled with water, which here, is considered a flood, and Tim said we should go white water rafting…I don’t know about that. I’d be cold, and wet, and my hair! Ugh…my hair.

I sat in the car and thought about the movie Dante’s Peak. You know, in the beginning when Pierce Brosnan is trying to escape the flying lava from a volcano and he and his wife get in the truck, thinking they’re safe, and then BAM! Wifey gets a huge lava rock in her skull and it’s game over for her. That’s what was going through my mind as the hail and golf ball- size rain drops pelted our little Camry. Ya know, the Camry’s steel isn’t very thick and I could just imagine a huge hail rock crashing through it and into my skull like the chick in the movie.

Thinking about that horrible movie and how I had already chewed all the flavor out of what could possibly be my last piece of gum ever, I said to Tim, “If we get out of this alive, I want a hamburger for supper!” Tim rolled his eyes, but I was freaking serious. I hate this stuff. I hate watching the dumb drivers in Lubbock swerve all over the place. I hate it when a another vehicle splashes our little car with water so that you can’t see and Tim has to slam on the brakes. I hate how loud the rain is on our thin-steeled Camry. And I hate the movie Dante’s Peak! And the softball-size rain drops!

But just so you know, I got my hamburger last night and sure enough…it barely even sprinkled at our house.


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  1. Bwahahahahaha! Glad I am not the only one that puts themselves in some characters place in some movie, and always the scary ones! Like Beetlejuice, OMG, could you imagine having your head shrunk!! Just kidding! You are super funny, loved it! Lacy

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