Labor Day

Dixons and Bynums

Last weekend we had some of our very best friends over for a few days. The Dixons came all the way from Tyler just to see friends and hang out over Labor Day weekend. We had a blast with them and their two precious little girls! I stayed up way too late all weekend, but it was so worth it!

I just love hanging out with them. They always encourage us, make us laugh, bring insight into our lives and are a huge blessing to us! A few things that I learned while hanging with Addi and Kam:

  1. Addison can speak in perfect grammar. She just turned FOUR!
  2. Kam likes necklaces and cinnamon butter crunch. 🙂
  3. Neither of them like blueberries.
  4. Both girls share extremely well. Seriously, they should be a case study. And they can seriously play with anything! I was worried because we don’t have any toys but they were super happy playing with the coasters. Who knew?
  5. Heads will get bumped when getting children in/out of car seats. It’s some sort of physics law.
  6. I love that they loved on Tim so much.
  7. It is incredibly oh-my-gosh-I-want-to-faint adorable to see Tim holding their tiny little hands

Addi and Me

Kam and Traci

And one I learned from Ryan:

  1. Apparently we have some kind of voodoo in our house because we all had freaky dreams. (Or it was East Texas mumbo jumbo because it’s been fine since they left! 😉 )

I also absolutely love watching Ryan and Traci be parents to these sweet kiddos. It’s amazing. They have great examples in their lives and I think it’s awesome to see how well they work together to protect and nurture their family.

Traci and Me 2010

We also got to catch up with the Fusion youth group from good ‘ol CABC. Man, it’s been a long time! The “kids” are married, in college, graduated college, etc…it’s crazy! We at a lot of good food and also got to relax. It was a great weekend and can’t wait to get everyone together again.

Traci and Me 2005

I love this picture of us! It’s awesome to see your friends grow and their lives change over the years. Ryan and Traci – we are blessed to call you our friends!


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  1. you guys rock. thank you for a great weekend & thank you for being our friends. we love you so much!!! and its obvious addi & kam do too. 🙂 now, hurry & come to tyler so we can hang again…i miss you already!

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