We’re getting ready to leave for vacation TODAY!  This week has been very long and trying to pack and get everything ready is driving me nuts.  I hate packing.  I hate being that girl with the huge bag (or two, or three) but I also hate getting to my destination and thinking “man, wish I’d brought that one thing“.  But, I’m trying really hard to be calm and cool about it and I think I got everything done.   I just have to stuff everything in my suit case now!

We’re driving to Santa Fe this afternoon and will then drive to Denver on Sunday.  I am so excited…to smell the mountain air, eat good New Mexican food, and see Tim’s family and, of course, see Michael Buble!  I’ve been trying not to plan every minute and it’s been hard.  Already, we have plans Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.  But, that’s just the evenings, so that’s really not bad!  I am excited to just relax and rejuvenate.  It always does the soul good to just get away.


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  1. hope you guys have a great vacation! can’t wait to hear about the michael buble concert…i bet it will be amazing!

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