Current Favies

I’m sure everyone has their favorite tv shows, movies and books….we tend to get a little obsessed.  Or a LOT obsessed with things!

This is what has been taking up our attention lately :

TV: LOST – oh my goodness, it’s so good!!  We are constantly reading theories online, using WikiLost, running to each others offices during the day blurting out “I think THIS is going to happen…”  It’s quite ridiculous and after May, when the show ends for good, I do not know what we will do with ourselves!

We also really like Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!), and I’m ashamedly into Vampire Diaries.  Geez…  Tim loves Homles on Homes on HGTV and we currently have about 800 eps on the dvr.  It’s interesting but I can’t watch this huge guy in a tank-top and overalls EVERY day.  😉  (Oh and he really needs to learn about sun screen, this guy looks like a raspberry!)

Movies: Currently into Alfred Hitchcock.  I saw The Birds a long time ago and my dad thinks it’s the scariest movie ever made.  Hitchcock really knows how to do scary without the blood and gore.  It’s just creepy but interesting at the same time.  We watched Rear Window and Vertigo during the snow days a few weeks ago and have North by Northwest at home to watch this weekend.  LOVE the old movies!!

Books: Tim is reading Rule #1 by Phil Town.  It is about how to invest and invest in companies you believe in.  We are very interested in this, but I can’t read about money.  That’s the accountant’s job!

I’m reading a series called The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.  I am turning into a complete GEEK because of these stupid books.  The writer borrows from Greek and Norse Mythology and there are tons of Biblical themes.  The thing is it’s a 12 book series and it’s a lot like Lord of the Rings (can’t believe I admitted that to the public…) and I have no idea how long it’ll take to finish!  The last book (#4) was around 900 pages and the next is even bigger.  Ugh, my life!  Therefore, I am taking a break to read a tiny book called “Dear John”.  I am not seeing the movie so I thought I’d at least entertain myself with the book.

Ok, that’s it for now and I’m sure we’ll have new obsessions in about 6 months 🙂


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  1. hahaha! i just saw this post. have you seen my recent one? great minds think alike i guess! oh, and by the way…you are one of my fave friends. love you!

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