Marshmallow World

Wednesday’s high was about 65.  Sunny and beautiful!  It felt like spring.  Then, Thursday the high was around 32, rain, thunder, snow, wind.  It’s winter again!  We were let off of work at 12:30 yesterday with instructions to come in at 10 on Friday.  Then, received a text this morning around 8:30 that campus was closed all day today!  I was really excited but we still had to do a little work.  We were supposed to have a speaker at work tonight but that wasn’t going to happen.  Tim had to cancel caterers, the speaker’s flight and hotel room.  It all got done, though and so far we have just been playing Wii and played outside a little too.  It was way too bright outside to stay long but I took a few pictures to show you our marshmallow world.  (It’s really more like ice-world, but still pretty!) 



(our tree, Charlie, will hopefully survive this!)


Zoey really enjoyed it…I caught her just about to pounce on Tim.

We did, fortunately make it to the store Wednesday before it hit, so we’re good to go….but forgot more firewood! Oh well, Zoey has been inside almost 24 hours and she keeps us very busy.  We will probably take it easy again today and just watch Gilmore Girls or some DVR stuff.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!  Be careful if it’s snowing in your area!


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