Merry Christmas!

Christmas is in two days and we cannot wait!  We are driving to Kansas tomorrow to be with the Bynum’s for a few days.  Since we won’t be home on Christmas day we are going to open our gifts for each other tomorrow morning before leaving.  I’m so excited!  I love getting Tim little things because he really does so much for me and it’s hard to surprise him.  I think he’ll really like what I got him! 

But, we all know it’s about much more than presents.  We hung out with my parents and brother last night and had a great time.  I love being around family and this time of year is the best.  I think it’s even snowing up in Kansas!  We are gathering to celebrate the birth of our King Jesus.  The Christmas cards that I sent out this year said “Let every heart prepare Him room” on the front and that really made me think.  This is a time of giving, so give your time and love.  Prepare your heart for the gift that the Lord God gave so unselfishly to us.  I am so thankful for every little thing in my life.  I have a tendency to let all the little things get to me and lately work has been wearing on me really bad.  But, tonight I’m only happy and so very thankful for the loves in my life.  Nothing would be the same without my wonderful family!  I am so blessed and am really looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birthday. 

Looked through my photos of last year’s Christmas and decided to post a few to get into the holiday spirit:

Christmas 013 

(I had jut had surgery to remove my thyroid – we are very thankful that it is taken care of and we are not dealing with that this year!)

Christmas 046

Have a very Merry Christmas and remember to celebrate the real reason.

“For unto us a Child is born…”


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  1. Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas sweet friend! Miss you and love you.

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