Top Chef

Tim and I don’t watch much “reality” television.  Mostly because calling it reality tv is an oxymoron and we don’t get into all the drama.  But, we do love Top Chef!  I usually don’t know what they are talking about because it is all in this secret chef language and it mostly sounds like french, but hey, I’ve learned some things too!  The judges are awesome, real chefs or food critics and I know that at least they know what the contestants are talking about.  The best part about it is that these contestants aren’t competing for a spot on their own tv show or for some type of media glory, it is all about the food.  They want the title and of course the chance to open their very own restaurant isn’t bad either!  There is this culture of foodies and they all know each other and know every amazing thing each of them has done and it’s been very interesting learning about this.  I feel like I’m a fly on the wall of some very snooty, expensive restaurant that I would never get to see in person.

Season 6 was probably the best group of chefs I’ve seen.  The last season was really good tv, great personalities and funny outlooks on life.  But, this season, these chefs cooked their rears off!   A lot of times on this show, everyone is so stressed they start to freak over the simplest things they learned in school or they forget some food on the stove and ruin things.  I don’t think that happened this time once.  It just really seemed like a different caliber of chefs.  Sure there were mistakes, but it seemed like everyone was there to just cook and cook well.  It was a very good competition.  Well, especially once they got rid of the riff-raff.  Let’s face it, we all knew who was going to be in the top 3 or 4.  And we were right!

I was disappointed that Kevin didn’t win.  He seems to be a true southern gentleman.  I don’t think I heard him say one negative thing about another competitor the whole time.  Very classy – didn’t let the stress get to him.  He cooked food he knew and loved and made others fall in love with it.  Lots of pork for this guy!  Unfortunately, I do think the finale was his worst of the competition.  He just didn’t push the envelope far enough.  But, Kevin, I would totally eat at your restaurant.  Hoping to go to Atlanta some day!

Ohhh, the Voltaggio brothers.  I would have picked Brian, hands down, on personality alone.  He was so nice to his brother the whole time and Michael was just, Michael.  Bleh.  But, since I know the outcome I’ll stop there and say that the finale was the most humble Michael had been all season.  He really knew that this was it and he just needed to cook and shut up.  I totally would have ate Brian’s dessert…a cheesecake!  I was shocked that Michale was named Top Chef.  It looked like he was shocked, too.  Then, the brothers hugged it out and all was forgiven.  At the end of the day I loved that really any of them could have won and they all knew it.  That night it was Michael.  I read Chef Tom Colicchio’s blog today and it really made sense after hearing him tell how and why they chose Michael.

So, well-done Michael!  I’m glad you got to experience this with your brother and won bragging rights of the century within your family.  It was an entertaining season and I’m already trying to find info on a season 7!


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  1. you guys are sweet, cute, and we love you tons. let’s do dinner 🙂

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